Company Address:
Torstraße 109, 10119 Berlin

We’re public transport visionaries. We strongly believe it’s time to go beyond static routes, stagnant schedules & inefficient transport systems. As the world becomes more urban, it’s increasingly vital to fight traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and connect people sharing the same route. We understand that budget & fiscal & constraints make it often difficult to build innovative public transport systems. That’s why we’ve created something new. We’ve built a revolutionary technology platform that is changing the way people get around cities. Using ‘Allygator Shuttle‘, a ride booked on your phone costs little more than the bus. It’s on-demand transport on a mass scale; it’s transportation that’s friendly to our planet: shared, affordable & highly efficient. ‘TrackYourCity‘ empowers us to crowdsource public transport data in regions where there’s no digital data available – and enabling those cities to take part in the digital revolution. ‘Ally Mobility App‘ compares multimodal transport options (Apple Best of 2015 App). Serving as a sensor, it’s enabling us to analyse supply & demand transport patterns and optimise the system based on big data. DOOR2DOOR‘s award-winning platform strengthens public transport’s sustainability. It magnifies it’s relevance without the kind of capital expenditures associated with traditional transit investment. That’s how we drive the transition to on-demand public transport. We love it.