Ludwig von Reiche EPic-LLudwig von Reiche, MD of NVIDIA ARC GmbH
Email: lreiche(at)

Ludwig von Reiche is Managing Director of NVIDIA ARC GmbH in Berlin, part of Silicon Valley-based NVIDIA Corporation, the global visual computing leader. NVIDIA ARC develops 3D visualization software used to produce computer-generated images in entertainment, automotive design and marketing, as well as oil exploration. Ludwig joined the Berlin company prior to its acquisition by NVIDIA to help organize its expansion funding and later exit. Prior to that, he served as the CEO of a German banking software and services group on behalf of a Private Equity firm and before that, as an international executive with IBM for over 13 years.

Sascha-Schubert-298x300Sascha Schubert, Deputy Chairman of the German Startups Association | LinkedIn
Email: Sascha.Schubert(at)

Sascha Schubert started three companies and two non-governmental organizations in his entrepreneurial life. Sascha serves as Deputy Chairman of the German Startups Association and is responsible for the realization of their events such as Exit Con, Growth Company Forum, Startup Camp Berlin, German Silicon Valley Week, German NYC Week and the CeBIT Scale 11. Sascha shared his insights and experiences as a mentor at Startup Bootcamp, IBM SmartCamp and Founders Institute.

Nora SquareNora Herzog, Event Manager at the German Startups Association | LinkedIn
Email: nora.herzog(at)

Since Dezember 2015, Nora has worked at the German Startups Association as an Events Mangager. In this role, she has supported and organized events such as the trips to San Francisco and Tel Aviv (German Valley Week, German Tel Aviv Week), the Startup Camp Berlin, Pitch and Sail, the Growth Company Forum as well as Startup Lounges.


Chiara Pohlner, Intern at the American Chamber of Commerce Germany
Email: cpohlner(at)

Chiara studies Governance and Public Policy in Passau, Germany. After several internships in Munich and Düsseldorf she decided to look even further. After interning at the German Parliament she was once again pulled towards Berlin’s vibrant community. Now she is part of the Support Team at the American Chamber of Commerce Germany with a part time position at the German Startups Association.